The MCU (Media Control Unit) is the computer in Teslas that control the touchscreen and almost all functionality within the car.

There are currently 2 versions of the MCU available in Tesla vehicles. MCU1 was used in Model S/X between 2012-2108. MCU2 was introduced in 2018 and all cars were switched over to MCU2. All Model 3/Ys were built with MCU2.

MCU1 Specifications

  • nVidia Tegra CPU

MCU2 Specifications

  • Intel Atom CPU

Key differences between MCU1 and MCU2

  • MCU2 adds Tesla Theater support, which enables streaming videos on Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and Twitch
  • Bluetooth media album art
  • New games
  • 5Ghz wifi and LTE network support
  • Much faster overall UI and browser performance

MCU1 to MCU2 Upgrade

In 2020, Tesla introduced an option to upgrade vehicles with MCU1 to MCU2 for $2500 USD known as the Infotainment Upgrade.


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